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Straight Talk From the People Who Actually Receive the Dogs DIRECT From the Tracks
My Journey

My journey with Greyhounds began in 1997 when we adopted our first Greyhound, Merlin aka Paxton BLT. We began volunteering with our adoption group and soon adopted our second Greyhound, Doc Blue. Our group was anti-racing and their information about racing and what we found on the internet supported that stand.

In 2003 we were asked to take over adoptions for our group so that the director could focus on greyhound "advocacy". The director wanted a separate name for the group and we agreed, we also said we did not want to be political and that was agreed to. It was after this new beginning that we began to learn the other side of the story of racing. We were invited to visit farms, kennels and the race track. It became clear that we had been misinformed. In the Fall of 2003 we were asked to leave the group, but we kept our group going, working more with racing and learning more with each visit.

In 2009 I was plunged into racing with the donation of the young pup, Hudson Brawl. Hudsy was donated to our group as part of the Race For Adoption program, and was registered in my name. The owner's portion of the winnings would go to our adoption group. In one fell swoop I became part of the racing "industry". Watching Hudsy race I knew I was hooked. After his retirement and return to my home, I held onto the dream of owning another racer.
The dream was realized in 2010 in the form of a young pup named Jean Krupa. "Baby" Jean began her career at the beginning of 2011 at Jacksonville, Florida racing for Lester Raines Kennel.

I realized I didn't explain how I came to buy half interest in "Baby" Jean. Her breeder had donated her naming rights to our adoption group for the silent auction at our annual picnic that was in September of 2010. Looking at the picture of the young girl,  I fell in love with that face. I did not win the naming rights, but kept thinking about her. I contacted her breeder and inquired about buying half interest in her. Bob Crossland was her breeder, and he loves to help new people get into greyhound racing, and he let me know what it would cost. I approached my husband while we were sitting out on the porch and asked him about the possibility of buying half interest in Jean Krupa.  I told him it could be my birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, and Christmas present for the next few years. My husband agreed, and the deal was done.  We could either put her in the auction or we could keep her to race, he was agreeable to either decision. I told him I wanted the thrill of watching her race. "Baby" Jean left for Jacksonville, FL that weekend and the rest is history.
- Candy Beck

Lawsuit HAS BEEN for info

Educating and advocating for the SPORT of Greyhound Racing!
The animal activists like HSUS and Grey2k are constantly liying to you and telling you Greyhound Racing is inhumane.  Who would be the most qualified people to give you the REAL answer?  The trainers at the tracks are one source but some people may say they are biased.  So who do you listen to?  Well how about the adoption agencies that get the dogs right from the trainers/kennels/owners off the track?  They it seems would be the most qualified to testify as to the condition of the dogs off the track. They are not paid for their efforts, they have no skin in the game so to speak, which means no reason to lie.  During the Amendment 13 fight there were 102 Adoption Agencies in the US and Canada thay were against 13 or FOR Greyhound Racing continuing in Florida.  The animal activist liars only had 16 Adoption Groups that were against Greyhound Racing.  It is well known that Grey2k actually has given money to a few of these, just like them to buy support.

102 vs. just 16, so what does that tell you?  It tells you that when someone tells you Greyhounds are treated cruelly, they are most likely lying to you.  You will see in the coming months on this page, interviews with many of those 102 agencies so you can hear FIRST HAND from people who actually work with these amazing athletes, not some fund raising lobbyists like Grey2k and HSUS that sit behind desks, lie and defame, without ever working with these dogs much less stepping foot in a kennel.


ADOPTERS - Unscripted, In Their Own Words
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